Follow Your Heart, Not Society

  Hello, My Dear Readers! I know it has been quite some time away from my blog. In my video, I shared my struggle with trying to figure out how to be different in the land of mindfulness blogging. I am so eager to dive into this topic, and share my solution of just following … Continue reading Follow Your Heart, Not Society

Birthday Celebration – Setting New Intentions

I celebrated my 31st birthday earlier this week, and it was seriously one of my best birthdays. I decided to start off my birthday a little differently and with intention. When the clock stroke 12, I wanted to start my 31st year off with a spiritual ceremony. The ceremony consisted of loved ones sitting next … Continue reading Birthday Celebration – Setting New Intentions

Your Divine Life’s Purpose – Answer the Call

Throughout this week, I have been receiving messages about my life's purpose. I don't know how to describe it, but I feel like everything was pointing towards the message of my life's purpose. The messages seem to reflect about making a great and wonderful change in the world. In general, I feel like I am … Continue reading Your Divine Life’s Purpose – Answer the Call