H9IjhoOm_400x400Hi, all! My name is Jeannie from New Jersey, USA! Thank you for reading and subscribing to my mindfulness blog. I am grateful to share my experience and guidance with all of you. My vision for Euphoric Gratitude is a warm and inviting environment for individuals, seeking a spiritual journey on inner gratitude, aromatherapy through essential oils, and mind living.

I will share posts on my spiritual journey through personal experience, DIYs with essential oils, and other mindful living activities, which I hope will spark a conversation on personal journeys and enlightenment. In addition to blog posts, I will share resources to help encourage our beautiful community as well.

Before creating this blog and before the occurrence of my personal awakening, I was a very scattered, not too mindful, and quite busy person – just all over of the place and millions of tasks to complete with 24 hours. I worked multiple jobs for quite some time and grown accustomed to the rush of the get it done mindset.  I never knew the concept of being presentand I could not comprehend how to slow down. Such words did not exist in my vernacular. It appeared that I was just going through my day without appreciating the simplest moments and even the people whom I love.

Eventually, after a time of difficult circumstances, my body required inner healing from the strain of self-abandonment throughout the years. My body yearned for self-care and inner healing, which began my journey of slowing down and being present.

Since then, I have been on a journey of self-discovery through a mindful practice, which consists of daily meditation, yoga, essential oils, and cultivating a life of happiness and gratitude. After discovering the benefits of my new life of self-love and compassion, I decided to create a personal blog to share with others. Maybe I can help others just like me – one blog post at a time.

If you are looking for a community of euphoric gratitude, you have found the perfect place to discover your inner-peace and transform in love, peace, and happiness.

I hope that my posts will encourage you to enjoy the present moment and express happiness and gratitude in response to life’s journey.

I look forward to creating a beautiful community with you!

With euphoric gratitude, love, and appreciation,

Jeannie  ❤

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