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Releasing Stress And Relaxing Through The Law of Attraction – Upcoming Online Course

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Hi my dear Euphoric Gratitude Readers!

I hope your week was filled with love, joy, and peace. I know life can be tough at times and it can feel challenging to stay present. Lately, I’ve been struggling with stress related to some challenges, and the need to ground myself. Sometimes, it can feel complicated to alleviate the stress and anxiety. The environment usually plays a significant factor too, but with mindfulness and a little help from the Law of Attraction, it is possible to let go of stress.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, our thoughts create our reality, and it is important to stay focus on what we want. The Universe can’t differentiate positive thoughts from negative thoughts. The Universe gives us what we focus on through the Law of Attraction. When I realized this information, I seriously said “Oh No” to myself because I wondered whether my negative thoughts would immediately create stressful situations. Luckily, since I am not in full alignment with my negative thoughts, I will not receive an immediate response. My positive thoughts and desires are stronger than any negative thinking or doubts.

This specific concept also applies to positive thinking. In my daily life, I’ve asked myself “how do I want to feel” and “if I could choose to be stressed out about stuff, would I be?” Of course, my answer is that I want to feel good, happy, and filled with love. And heck no to choosing to be stressed out. So, with this particular knowledge, I can align with how I want to feel and how I want to be. As a result, this adjustment allows me to stabilize my energy and begin to de-stress.

When it comes to releasing stress, there are so many different methods to alleviate the stress. Personally, I love to do some deep breathing exercises, which calms me down quite a bit. Then, I like to meditate after my deep breathing exercises. I prefer guided meditations because it allows me to follow instructions while listening to the soothing voice of the guide. Very relaxing. Afterward, I would take a hot shower to relax my muscles, light some candles, and journal a bit. It is really all about relaxation. I release my stress to my higher self and enjoy the self-care.

Overall, I’ve been inspired by my journey with stress, and I want to help others learn how to release stress and practice relaxation. Therefore, I’m in the process of finalizing my first online course for the Euphoric Gratitude Academy (an upcoming online school for my readers). The course entitled “Release Stress Quickly with Easy Relaxation Techniques and Self-Talk” will be available in the upcoming weeks, and I can’t wait to share it! This is BIG for Euphoric Gratitude Readers.

If you are interested in learning about the upcoming Euphoric Gratitude Academic and receive an update when the first course will be available, please fill out the short interest form by clicking the image below!


Let’s continue our discussion in the comment section below or in our Community Forum here Chat Soon!

Sending you love and gratitude,


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