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Happy Summer Solstice! Keeping The Dogs Cool During Hot Days


Hello Euphoric Gratitude Readers!

Today marks the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. It is also known as Summer Solstice, which is the longest day of the year.

Perhaps you’ll celebrate today by practicing a spiritual ritual, enjoying the beach, or perhaps just enjoying time with loved ones. But it is a great reminder of the hot days to come, and if you’re a dog parent like me, it is super important to keep the pups cool.

So, in this quick post, I would like to share some ways to keep the pups cool this summer. I recommend the following:

  • Enjoy early morning walks and late evening walks. As the day progress, noon tends to begin the sun’s peak of hotness. So, it is important to avoid afternoon hours to maintain coolness.
  • If you do decide to take a quick walk during the sun’s hottest hours, please consider dog booties for their cute paws or avoid walking on the pavement. During the sun’s peak, the ground becomes extremely hot and it’s similar to a human walking barefoot on the ground. Please protect the pup’s paws.
  • Carry a portable/collapsible dog water bowl during walks. My pups absolutely LOVE these bowls and I never knew about them until my hubby-to-be bought us a couple of them. Since it’s collapsible, it is easy to carry and all you have to do is pour a bottle of cold water in the bowl (and enjoy the smiles of the pup’s face).
  • Add ice cubes to the home water bowl. During hot days, I always add about 3-4 ice cubes in the water bowl and the dogs love it. It is a great way to keep the water cool for the pups.
  • Try making pups homemade frozen treats. I’ve meant to try this out some recipes, and I will make it a summer goal this year. I’ll even post some recipes as well, but the frozen treats will keep the pups cool.
  • Never leave pups in the car during hot days. Even if it is 70 degrees F, just don’t do it because the car can become uncomfortable warm with even the windows slightly open. If you have to run errands, simply leave the pups at home in the cool temperature.

Well, I hope these tips help quite a bit and please share any additional ways to keep pups cool during hot summer days.

Much love and gratitude,



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