Follow Your Heart, Not Society


Hello, My Dear Readers!

I know it has been quite some time away from my blog. In my video, I shared my struggle with trying to figure out how to be different in the land of mindfulness blogging. I am so eager to dive into this topic, and share my solution of just following the heart and not society.

During my blog’s evaluation, I noticed that some of my topics seem similar to general topics available on other blogs. Personally, I do not feel comfortable repeating the same message similar to available topics. Although I can add my voice to the topics, I feel as though I have not fully incorporated my voice and talents. Therefore, it feels right to add my educator’s twist to topics and share my thoughts from a place of love and experiences. I want to follow my heart and not make decisions based on the norm.

Perhaps you have struggled with doing what feels right and what comes from the hearts. Maybe you are nervous to step away from what society wants you to do (e.g., your family, friends, community), and you do not know what to do. My advice would be to follow your heart because it will make a difference in this world and it will allow you to be your authenticity. Although your choices may seem uncommon or perhaps unacceptable to society, your choices can shape the future. It’s all about perception and seeing things differently, and sometimes, our communities just need a change in perception. You can provide that change.

So my friends, do what feels right and do not listen to the expectations of society (especially if it does not align with your heart). I have taken my own advice, and I plan to do things a bit differently in blog posts. I want to add more evidence, case studies, and other forms of research. As a scholar, I love conducting research, and so I would love to share my findings with all of you. I plan to create courses based on my findings. Also, as an introvert, I would like to concentrate more on living as an introvert in a hectic world. I think that topic is worth exploring and it will make a difference.

Anyway, just sharing my thoughts. I have so much love for this community, and I thank you for your endless support.

Until next time.

Much gratitude and love,



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