Identify Your 2018 Intentions and Then Release Them To The Universe

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Hello, Dear Readers!

Happy New Year and welcome to Year 2 of the Euphoric Gratitude blog! It is officially 2 years of my blogging journey and I am absolutely grateful. Thank you for your support in year 1 and I look forward to building our relationship even more in year 2!

Before I jump into this week’s topic, I would like to share some slight changes to the blog. Late 2017, I began to test out weekly videos with podcasts in conjunction with weekly blog posts. After reflecting on this method and my schedule with teaching/my doctoral program, I have decided to limit blog posts, videos, and podcast episodes to twice a month (biweekly). This change will allow me to provide deeper insight on specific topics. I hope to add more videos and podcast episodes in the future though, as I continue to balance everything out.

So now, this week’s message! The beginning of the year is a great way to set our intentions for the new year. Some people believe in new year resolutions. I know I believed in it, but it seems like the resolutions create very high expectations. Also, it doesn’t seem to put any trust in the universe, but instead, it puts trust only in our physical power. As a spiritual person, I know that we are supported by a higher power and not just what we see in physical form. 

Therefore, I’ve decided to take a step back and identify my intentions for 2018. After I figure out my intentions, I will leave it in the hands of the Universe. After reading a lot of Gabrielle Bernstein’s books, I realized that when I surrender to the Universe, the Universe is working for me on my behalf and for the highest good. So, I am so grateful for the support.

My intentions for 2018 are pretty simple. I want to dive a bit more into self-care and I want to provide unconditional love to everyone in my life. For self-care, I’ve started a daily practice of prayer/meditations with my spirit guides in mind for daily support, journaling in my Five Minute Journal, reading a lesson in the Course in Miracles, and getting spiritual messages in my The Universe Has My Back card deck. This daily practice has made such a positive difference in my life, and I feel so conscious and present. The daily practice of unconditional love has been fascinating and I use mindful awareness to know when/how to apply love in all situations. I also have been figuring out how to provide more unconditional love to my three dogs. I know they appreciate the cuddles and belly rub, but maybe I can give love in a profound way (e.g. make then yummy treat meals every month or take them to a new park once a month). If you have a dog, I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

So, I would like to encourage you to take the time to set your intentions for 2018 and then just release them to the Universe, and see what happens. I am sure the Universe has your back and will surprise you in beautiful ways. And feel free to share your experiences with me. 

You can leave a comment below or email me at

Cheers to 2018, my friends!

Much Gratitude and Love,



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