Gratitude Gives Us Hope (Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give In)


Hello, Dear Readers!

Before I begin, I just wanted to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS to anyone who is celebrating upcoming holidays! As 2017 comes close to an end, this present moment is a beautiful time to reflect on all things of gratitude for this year. Regardless of bumpy moments, we all have something to be grateful for in life. Even this week I’ve experienced bumpy moments, but I am still grateful.

I don’t know about you, but I have been feeling this current Mercury Retrograde. To all my astrological friends, you already know how everything seems to come up during this time. During this particular Mercury Retrograde, I’ve experienced so many emotions and just things that need to heal within me (and quite frankly released from me). Some people may see this emotional experience as a bad thing, but I see it as my body trying to rid itself of toxicity, which is great (yay for growth). And I can honestly say, I am grateful for this experience.

Even though I had moments of anxiety because of the end of the semester at work, I made it through. With the loving encouragement of my significant other, I was reminded of his special saying “don’t give up, don’t give in” and to be grateful for the all that is going well. Honestly, I am just grateful for the bigger picture in life.

The bigger picture matters the most in life, which leads up to our vision of 2018. Where do we want to go? With this beautiful gratitude, what can we co-create? Personally, I am excited for 2018 because I know will be spectacular based on my gratitude list. I am able to see a clear picture of what will continue to shine within my home, professional, and personal/spiritual life in 2018. 

I would like to encourage you to do the same. For this month’s freebie, I’ve shared a document to allow you to journal out what you are grateful for in your home, professional, and personal/spiritual life this past year. This exercise will allow you to see what will shine in 2018 through the beauty of gratitude. 

View the December Freebie here>

Also, check out this week’s podcast episode on this week’s blog post topic! You can listen to the episode here.

Much Gratitude and Love,


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