The Power in Journaling – Begin Your Practice Today

Hello, Dear Readers!

I hope you had a week of love, manifestations, and blessings. My week was filled with such beauties and challenges, but I was able to see through it with journaling. I don’t know if you already have a journal practice. If you don’t have a journal, there is SO much power in getting words on paper.

Aside from meditation, the ability to journal has helped me in so many ways and created infinite possibilities for me. It has given me the opportunity to become real clear on my heart’s desire and even provided me with the platform to speak from my soul. Journaling is a powerful tool to help you in any way you see fit.

Personally, I’ve been writing in journals since a very young age. I always had a passion for writing even as a child and I always had multiple journals. It started off as a diary, but then it transitioned into something extraordinary.

In high school, I began to write my intentions for what I wanted to achieve in my life. Whether it was to pass an audition for the New Jersey Youth Orchestra or create a successful project for class, I always wrote down my intentions. Later in high school, I began to write out my intentions for college, and in college, I began to write out my intentions for post-college. I have used journaling as a way to create intentions from my heart and it has served me in beautiful ways.

In recent years, my intentions have shifted to self-healing. I used my journals to create mantras such as “I surrender my illusions to the Universe” or “I am safe in my higher self” which helped me through challenging moments. Now, I use my journal to create an intention to use my experiences as a way to help others.

Last week, we discussed the importance of using our experiences to help others. Interestingly, journaling can help you fine-tune how you plan to use your skills to help others by setting an intention. Also, it is a great way to organize your thoughts and get it on paper. There’s something compelling about writing words on paper. It’s almost as if it solidifies the intention.

So, here are four helpful tips to get you started on a journaling practice:

  1. Before creating an intention, write down where you are in the present moment. It is essential to take a real, close look at your current situation in life, which creates clarity.
  2. Take a few minutes to freewrite your thoughts on what you would like to do in your life. To cultivate clarity, it is important to get your feelings and thoughts on paper. It allows you to see what’s really going on inside of you.
  3. What are your passions? Take some time to write down what you are passionate about, and that will help strengthen your purpose.
  4. Think about how you would like to help others. The power of journaling can help you clearly see how you would like to help others. The words on paper present a clear picture.

My suggestions are just my personal ways to get started with a journaling practice, but I am curious to know about your journaling preferences. Share your comments below!

Also, check out this week’s podcast episode on this blog post topic! It is a great conversation about my experience with journaling and helpful suggestions.

I look forward to sharing my ideas on this topic in the future.

Much gratitude and love,





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