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What’s New? The Podcast, Monthly Freebies, and Other Additions

Hello, Dear Readers!

I just wanted to share a quick “What’s New?” on Euphoric Gratitude. In an effort to expand the blog and provide more resources for you, I have added new additions.


I am happy to share that I’ve started podcast (Yay!) and it will touch on an expansion the weekly blog post. The first podcast is just an introduction to Euphoric Gratitude and myself. Check out the first episode here: https://euphoricgratitude.com/podcast/


Another addition is the Freebies section on the blog. To help you along your spiritual journey, I decided to create monthly free resources for you. Each month, I will add a new resource available for download. For November, the freebie is Top 8 Ways To Start A Gratitude Practice. Check out the Freebies page: https://euphoricgratitude.com/freebies/

Future Additions

Fave Book Reviews

In the future, I plan to add my favorite book reviews. I am super book reader and I would love to share my favorite books to help you along your spiritual journey. Perhaps we can even begin a book club as well. 

Videos for Blog Posts

To add to the blog posts, I plan to create an introduction video to cultivate a blogger/reader relationship and to add a face to the writing.


Another future addition will be e-courses based on the blog posts. I am currently working on a e-course for letting go rumination and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Well, that is all for now, my dear readers! I will chat with you later this week before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thank you for your support throughout the year!

Much gratitude and love,


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