Step Into Your Power and Be Your Authentic Self

Walking the authentic path

Our fur baby, Sweetie, is stepping into her feminine power and walking her authentic path. She’s my hero!
(Picture taken during my morning nature walk)

Hi, Euphoric Gratitude Readers! I hope you had a great week and I am SO surprised that it is already Friday (wow, how time flies, right?). Well, I hope you are ready for the weekend, ready to practice self-care by stepping into your power and being your authentic self. And take it from me, it is such a beautiful experience, and I would like to share how I’ve been doing that during my time away.

Recently, I took some time away from my blog to explore ways to revamp Euphoric Gratitude to help my readers. During this time away, I’ve been aligning with my inner self and deepening my spiritual practice. As a little caveat, my current spiritual practice is daily meditation,  yoga (both at home and at our town’s local yoga studio), nature walks, Hay House Radio, and spending time with my significant other/dogs/family.

To expand my spiritual practice, I’ve decided to add like-minded individuals in my circle by joining a women’s book club. It has been such a joy to meet professional women, discuss exciting books, and enjoy meals together. For quite some time, I haven’t been around women of empowerment, but instead women of non-positive vibes. As a spiritual being, I’ve decided that I needed to be around women of empowerment because as a collective energy, we can make a difference in the world and that’s pretty powerful.

To further expand my spiritual practice, I’ve started to explore how I can take my blog to the next level and help other individuals with spiritual practices, specifically women. If you are wondering why I am concentrating on women, it is because I never really had a foundation of women who want to encourage and uplift each other and I want to create that community. Also, women are nurturers, and the ability to use our spiritual practices to help others will really make a positive and authentic difference in the world.

Another way I am expanding my spiritual practice is through my recent enrollment in a women’s business support group. I am so thrilled to join a team of women who concentrate on the feminine power to expand our businesses and uplift each other. Since I am working becoming a spiritual life and business coach, I think this group will help guide me through the process of expanding my entrepreneurship.

Overall, the ability to figure out my desires has allowed me to step into my power. As a result, this path is my authentic self. I want to help others and let them to step into their  self-power to be genuine. We can make a difference in the world. I know one of the ways I want to make a difference is by helping my hometown’s public schools fulfill project goals to help students obtain school supplies.

How do you plan to step into your power and become your authentic self? Your community awaits 🙂

Much gratitude and love,


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