It is never a waste of time when you’re becoming the best version of yourself


I’ve spent the morning listening to Abraham Hicks and centering myself back to the receptive/zen mode. For over a year, Abraham Hicks would be my “go-to” during many moments in my life. Whether I am experiencing the aftermath of contrast (difficulties) or in need to align with the bigger picture, I can always lean on the powerful words of Abraham Hicks.

Through the teaching of the Laws of Attraction, the “what is” in life gives me what I want more, and the entire Universe has my back no matter what is happening. Overall, I realized that I am the agent of change and that with my power of focus, all situations are never a waste of my time. Regardless of how people behave around me, think of me, or treat me, I can never do wrong when I focus on becoming the best version of myself. I do not have control over others, but I do have control over my actions and thoughts. Furthermore, the simple act of letting go of any problem or resistance will provide the solution and add to the best version of yourself.

“Do you know that when you finally let the problem go, the Vortex will take you in and show you the solution? That’s how it works.” – Abraham Hicks

For quite some time, I’ve struggled with the control of “what ifs” and just the behavior of others. At the end of the day, I have to let go of the problems and the choices of others because that is the path of least resistance. If I am able to let go, I can continue to focus on my well-being regardless of how situations turn out. Although I feel like I am at the end of the rope with having faith at times, I think it is best  just to let go into the hands of the Universe and trust all will be well in accordance to the highest good of everyone (let go, and let God). 

So, I will continue with my Abraham Hicks, meditation, and yoga. I will continue on my path of spirituality while the storm continues to brew. Because regardless of circumstance, it is never a waste of time when I continue to work on being the best version of myself. Through love, gratitude, and alignment with my heart’s desire, everything will unfold even if it’s not within the present moment or with individuals currently in my life. Therefore, I cut the cord of all circumstances that do not serve me, I let go of any chaos, and I align with my highest being with love and gratitude.

I hope this blog post makes sense and I hope you will find it helpful. No matter what, there are no accidents as everything has a divine purpose. Even if circumstances seem painful, we have to detach from taking things personally and just make heart-based decisions. Nothing is a waste of time as there are lessons and blessings in every situation. And if you want something, simply let go of resistance and doubts, and align with your inner being. There is so much power there because of the love, peace, and gratitude. It is all about your focus, and I choose to focus on becoming the best version of myself.

Much gratitude and love,


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