Step away and treat yourself to a mental health break


Hi, my dear Euphoric Gratitude readers! Before I begin with this week’s post, I would like to share my reason for not posting last week. Over the last month, I have been living through some challenges – everything from physical health to family, and I really needed an opportunity just to slow down and check in with myself. My time away has inspired me to take some time to indulge in self-care (even if that means to drive 2 hours away just to feel grounded and at peace – hey, it worked).

It is so important to give yourself time to stabilize yourself after life changes. I’ve witness people just go through life as if nothing happened, but that does not help at all. It saddens my heart to know people are afraid to look within. Personally, when I feel like things could potentially escalate to a deeper negative issue, I take a step back and get in touch with my heart and spirit. When we feel unaligned, we tend to react in ways that could negatively affect others, but most importantly, it could have an impact on us in a negative way as well. That is why mental health breaks are invaluable.

“Within you, there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.”  

The stillness and sanctuary within us are so pure and safe; it is an excellent way to retreat and take a mental health break. However, some individuals are unaware of how to take such a retreat. Personally, I love nature, and therefore, I have like to go anywhere with plenty of trees and even the water (waterfall, stream, pond, lake, ocean – any form of water makes me happy). There is something about the Earth that allows me to feel so grateful for life and connect to my highest self. Some individuals like to enjoy nature hikes for hours. I know someone who likes to go mountain hiking for six hours, and that just sounds like a great way to let go of worries and tune into nature, God, and the inner being.

Nature doesn’t have to be the only way to retreat though. Simple acts of self-care count as well. I love meditation and yoga, and so I can commit a couple of hours to such activities while burning my favorite incense in a room. Another alternative could be getting a massage. Although I love massages, I am not the type of person who wants to be pampered through such activities all the time, and they can be a bit pricey in the long run. I think emotional pampering (reflecting on love and gratitude, and expressing it) is my cup of tea and my way of letting go of worries. But perhaps cooking is a way to let go of worries as well, and that is a wonderful way to take a mental break. Recently, I’ve realized that when I cook from a passionate state of mind, I find the activity to be quite therapeutic.

So, I would love to know your mental health break preferences, and perhaps it could help others figure out their choice as well.

Remember, your health comes first before anyone or anything, including mental health. If you are not in the best state of mind, then it could hurt everyone. Therefore, treat yourself to a mental health break. As my partner loves to tell me, “You deserve it!” Chat soon!

Much Euphoric Gratitude and Love,


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