Your Divine Life’s Purpose – Answer the Call


Throughout this week, I have been receiving messages about my life’s purpose. I don’t know how to describe it, but I feel like everything was pointing towards the message of my life’s purpose. The messages seem to reflect about making a great and wonderful change in the world. In general, I feel like I am already making a positive difference in my community. However, I can always do more.

Currently, I am an educator at a university and local college. I love teaching undergraduate students and graduate students. It is such a pleasure to see them shine into their highest potential as students and professionals. Since my experience in education is rewarding, I feel the urge to expand and make a difference in other areas as well. I believe this feeling is a reflection of my divine life’s purpose.

“If you’re alive, there’s a purpose for your life.”

I honestly do believe everyone has a purpose in life. With that said, since my foundation is in teaching, I feel that I am being called to be a spiritual life coach. Throughout my life, I am experienced quite a bit of challenges and learned how to work through the problems with the help of spiritual guidance, which contributed to healing and growth. Through my knowledge, I have found myself in so many ways, and I have discovered incredible gifts from my inner being as well. Therefore, I would like to help others grow spirituality and find their life’s purpose.

So, what are you being called to do? Have you discovered your life’s purpose? Feel free to think about these questions this week. You can make a positive difference in this world in more ways than one.

Much gratitude and love,




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