Reflection Equals Growth – Be Grateful for the Challenges


Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of my awakening and spiritual journey, and the 300th consecutive day of meditation. This past year has been challenging for me, but also transformative with the chance to discover myself and to love unconditionally. I am eternally grateful for the challenge that sparked my awakening because I have the opportunity to find myself and to become the best me, which is an excellent chance to become alive and present.

“A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man [or a woman] perfected without trials.”

Through my challenges, I became stronger and a more caring and loving woman. I felt like I’ve transitioned from a hurt and lost little girl to a courageous and compassionate woman on the path to her highest self – with more clarity, and ultimate healing.

In life, challenges can make you a victim, or a victor. I chose the route of using my pain and my sadness to become a better me and not to be a victim of my circumstances. I opted to love over fear – I chose love over hate. With my choices, it changed the world surrounding me. It allowed me to stop the generational bitterness and break the cycle of choosing not to love.

I feel like I am an example – a role model that speaks to using challenges as a way to find out what is truly going on inside of us. We can use our challenges to heal the inner child. I chose to do that, and for that, I am absolutely grateful for everything I’ve been through this past year. I found love in a way that words cannot describe – love within myself and within others. I found myself.

Although I know it is hard to see challenges as a blessing, but in time it is possible to see it that way. I am still healing and growing, but I refuse to turn back and become lost again. I know the universe has my back and I trust all is well, and everything works out for my highest good. So, I am grateful for my challenges, and I hope to continue on my path of growth and help others heal through their challenges.

To my family, thank you so much for your love, support, and laughs. I appreciate everything.

To my partner, thank you for your unconditional love, appreciation, and standing through the storms, rainy days, snowfalls, and sunshine together. I love you.

I look forward to reflecting on my second year and my 600th day of meditation.

Thank you for your contribution to this week’s post.

Much Gratitude and Love,



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