Own Your Beliefs – Be Courageous and Stand in Your Truth


During my nature walk today, I spent some time reflecting on my week. I usually like to go on nature walks to connect with my inner being. So, as I reflected on my week, I thought about how this past week was a bit challenging as far as circumstances with family. I realize that there are many unhealed wounds within my family, which create difficulties in forging relationships.

Like most families, there are a lot of issues that seem unresolved in my family. For me, the problems appeared to be a bit much to bear this week. After processing everything, I decided that I’m not going to give up on my beliefs. It’s absolutely fine to do what makes me happy because our happiness is a reflection of self-love, which is vital for the true essence of our existence as infinite beings. Although the ability to help others is a form of happiness, it can be harmful to the soul depending on the type of aid. Therefore, it’s important to listen to your heart and make decisions for your highest good. In my opinion, this action is courageous in itself. Anything less would just be a mask of our truth.

“The greatest act of courage is to be and own all that you are. Without apology. Without excuses and without any masks to cover the truth of who you truly are.”

Sometimes it’s difficult to feel comfortable with being courageous because perhaps it’s difficult to identify personal truth. Occasionally, I feel a bit uncomfortable taking a leap of faith, exercising courage, and listening to my heart. It takes a lot of soul searching. Fearful questions begin to race through my mind. What if I am making the wrong decision? What if I just don’t make any sense? What if my truth, my beliefs hurt individuals?

When these questions race through my mind, I choose to speak to a trusted person. An individual who is unbiased and nonjudgmental can help with your process. Personally, I think talk therapy can be helpful with just getting stuff off my chest and also giving me a hand on processing my thoughts and feelings with clarity, and providing resources on figuring out my beliefs. As a result, I can take action in a way that’s best for me and not based on other individuals’ preferences.

Besides talk therapy or perhaps chatting with a trusted friend or family member, journaling is an excellent way to get your thoughts on paper and to process your feelings and beliefs. Another great suggestion would be to create voice recordings. I like to record my voice and listen to the recordings because it helps me to process my emotions and vibrationally connect with my beliefs, which creates courage.

So, I have a question for you. How do you stand strong in your beliefs through courage? It would be lovely to learn from each other and create a discussion.

I hope you find a way to cultivate courage that speaks to your beliefs. Thank you so much for reading this post, and I wish you all great carriage throughout this week.

In Euphoric Gratitude and Love,


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