Challenges Inspire Growth – Accept the Challenge

Challenges seem to have a negative connotation. Sometimes we believe that challenges represent problems. However, I like to view “problems” as simply challenges because the challenge allows us to grow and flow with the change of life. Although some challenges can be painful, it is still an opportunity to grow and become our highest self. It is an opportunity to heal past wounds and create a future of your heart’s desire. It is important to embrace life and all of its challenges.

“Embracing life with an attitude of gratitude is one of the keys to transforming pain into power, fear into courage, and stress into wisdom that you’d other never know.” – Dr. Darren Weissman of The Lifeline Center

Through our challenges, we are able to make a choice. We can make a choice to be a victim of our challenges and continue the generational cycle of bitterness and anger, or we can choose to embrace the challenges as a portal to grow and transform into our highest vibration. As a result, we are ending the chains of the generational cycle. When we choose to embrace the challenge, we decide to not engage in the cycle of our parents and other individuals from our childhood. We will become the  change that we want to see in this world.

So my dear friends, do not be afraid of your challenges. Your challenges are here to connect you to your soul. When you feel that fear, acknowledge it and ask “what are you trying to tell me?” And fear is always telling us to love. As an antidote for the fear, ask yourself “how can I love myself more?”

Even if the acceptance of the challenge is an unpopular decision, it is important to do what feels right to you – honor your heart, mind, body, and soul. If people do not agree with your decisions, they are just reflecting their own fears and pain. Accept your challenge with love, and walk into the portal of spiritual growth. As a result, everything around you will change in a beautiful way.

Thank you for reading this week’s post, and I look forward to your contribution to this discussion.

With Euphoric Gratitude and Love,


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