Grieving The End Of A Friendship (Feel And Accept Your Emotions)


This week’s post is a bit difficult for me. Originally, I had another topic in mind, but I am currently experiencing unexpected grief at this time. About two months ago, a 20-year friendship ended. I had a friendship with my close friend since the fifth grade, and due to circumstances, our friendship ended. Although I noticed clues of the friendship coming to an end, the grieving process is still raw. Out of respect for the person, I will not share the details. However, this weekend is her wedding weekend, and I am feeling a bit of sadness. Perhaps it is because we used to envision our wedding days, our marriages, and our future children. When we were teenagers, we used to talk about how we wanted to rise above our low-income family conditions, graduate from high school and college as first generation Americans and graduates, avoid the statistics of the inner city, become professionals, and make a difference in this world. And, we actually did it! We are both college graduates with master’s degrees and we are both contributing to society in a beautiful way. I am still very proud of our accomplishments. Also, I am sure that I am feeling the aftermath of the end of a long friendship and history as well. However, I know everything happens for a reason – I appreciate the good times, and I intent to shift my perception into unconditional love and not sorrow.

“Some people are going to leave you, but that’s not the end of your story. That’s the end of their part in your story…”

At first, it was hard for me to grasp this specific quote but after giving it some time, it is true. Some people are not destined to stay in your life forever, and they just play a vital role to get you to a new level of growth and help you transform into a better you. Although I’m not saying I was flawless within that friendship…I do know I valued the friendship, and because of the sadness that I feel at the end of this friendship, I plan to continue to value all future friendships with love.

So after feeling and accepting my emotions today, I would like to share some helpful tips to help anyone who is experiencing grief after the end of a friendship.

  1. Feel and accept your emotions. It is okay to feel sadness after the end of a friendship. Please feel and accept your emotions because this is a part of the grieving process. It is a chance to give yourself permission to feel every ounce of emotion related to the end of the friendship.
  2. Reflect in gratitude. Take some time to reflect on all the good times and thank the universe for placing this person in your life. This person in some way has contributed to your growth and transformation. The end of the friendship allows you to shift your perception – from sorrow to gratitude.
  3. Do a Loving-Kindness Meditation or prayer. In this meditation or prayer, send love to yourself and shower yourself with comfort. This is the time to love yourself. After feeling all the love in your heart, send love to your former friend – wish your former friend a lifetime of happiness, self-love, and peace. Then release your friend to the universe in love and kindness. This is a way to make peace with the end of a friendship, and move forward in your life.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share something so personal. I hope this week’s blog post will help anyone experiencing grief from the end of a friendship. Although I write blog posts to serve and help others, my posts help me heal as well. I started my blog from a place of hurt and I knew writing would help me heal, but help others as well.  I send all of you love, peace, and joy. Thank you so much for reading this week’s blog posts.

With Euphoric Gratitude and Love,


2 thoughts on “Grieving The End Of A Friendship (Feel And Accept Your Emotions)

  1. It’s very sad when old friends part ways, I’ve had this throughout my life too. But life moves on and in my heart, I’ll always remember our friendship fondly and wish for the best for the other party 🙂

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