You are Worthy! Letting Go of the Approval of Others by Unconditionally Loving Yourself

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On Sundays, I usually like to take extra care of myself through breathing extra deeply, participating in more meditations, burning an extra incense, or listening to hours of spiritual guidance on Hay House Radio. My rituals are great ways to honor myself, learn more about myself, and heal myself. In addition, my rituals provide a sense of groundedness and rejuvenation after a long week of giving my very best to my significant other, family members, dogs, career, students, and doctoral classes. It is a chance to truly refuel and give back to myself in accordance to my highest self. However, my rituals and self-care were not always at my forefront of honoring myself.

It took years or perhaps even most of my life to truly let go of doing actions for the approval of others, and simply just honor myself. For most of my life, I have heard what I should do and how I should respond to situations based on how other individuals feel, such as parents, grandparents, or any other authority figure to my child/teenage/adult self, and I would simply just obey. I would never dare to question anything in fear of disapproval and limited love. I would obey in hopes that my actions would finally be enough for their love. I would listen and pursue what they wanted me to do for their approval. Until recently, I have realized that no matter what I do, it may not ever be enough for them. Therefore, it is time to live in accordance to my highest self and honor myself with unconditional love because I am worthy of making my own decisions in alignment to my truth. It is time to make peace with the lack of approval and determine what decisions will make me super happy and allow me to exude so much love that it will change the lives of other individuals.

Do not measure your worth by the approval of others.”

This past week, I have experienced a situation that allowed me to take a step back and determine how to honor myself. For most of my life, I have not experienced a relationship with a specific family member, and recently, the person has reached out to me with a letter that created a bit of emotional pain for me. So, I’ve decided to present the situation to another family member for possible guidance, and unfortunately, this specific family member justified the letter by supporting the person who wrote the letter, and then provided a solution that would satisfy that specific family member.

At that moment, it was clear that my emotions/feelings were not honored. Normally, I would grant my family member’s wishes, but last week, I decided that I will honor myself and respond in love. I decided that I do not need the approval of others to make a decision with love in accordance to my highest self; I decided to do what felt right in my heart and not what felt right to others. After reflecting on the events that took place last week, I decided to purchase a lovely card that spoke to my heart. In addition, I plan to insert a handwritten letter in response to the family member’s letter, and my written words will reflect unconditional love because I am responsible for how I respond to everything in life. I choose to respond with love. In addition, I plan to provide words of encouragement and send vibes of peace and love to my family member.

Throughout this experience, I am very happy to witness such a beautiful spiritual shift within myself. I am glad to see the chains of approval are melting away. Overall, I choose to unconditionally love, regardless of the circumstance. Throughout it all, I decided to feel my emotions during the time of that letter and even through the experience of speaking with my other family member. Ultimately, I made a decision that aligns with my heart.

Therefore, for this week, let us remember to honor ourselves and align with our heart. We do not need the approval of others to determine our worth by the actions others want us to make.

Thank you for reading this week’s post and allowing me to share a bit of my experience with you.

With Euphoric Gratitude and Love,

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