Let Go of The Rumination (And Give Yourself Permission To Be Happy)


Throughout the week, I like to write down possible blog topics. For this particular week, I noticed an interesting pattern in my blog topics. Each topic related to happiness. As infinite beings with endless possibilities, everything boils down to our reactions, which has an influence on our happiness. Our world can be falling apart, but our response/reaction creates the pathway of future outcomes. If we choose to respond in peace and love, then we will cultivate happiness and no matter the circumstance, we will create our reality.

However, there is something called “rumination” that can hinder us from accessing happiness. It can take our minds and create negative stories opposite of love and happiness. According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, rumination is to “go over in the mind repeatedly and often casually or slowly.” After experiencing particular circumstances in my life, I have experienced the bondage of rumination first hand. For me, rumination was filled with “what if this happens again”  thoughts, and worse of all, stories and almost spin-offs based on actual events. It was as if my mind created a drama series or something. I knew I needed to look inward and discover the root of the rumination.

“The tricky thing about rumination is that it feels like it’s helpful, but there’s no action, and you don’t move forward to some sort of solution.” – Carla Grayson

When a person is in the bowels of rumination, it is difficult to separate reality from unreality. The person begins to think that the thoughts are really happening and it can ruin all relationships because it can turn into a sense of false judgment. Personally, I realized I needed to awaken from the grips of rumination when I realized I was slipping from my true self. Through my spiritual journey, I realized that my true intentions were filled with peace, love, and happiness. However, when you experience challenging times, the rumination blocks your vision and hinders full love to take over. Through dreams (an indication of my internal struggles), I realized that in order to experience love and happiness fully, I needed to let go of the rumination, which activates the opportunity to grant personal permission to be happy.

I know it can be difficult to release the rumination. Therefore, I would love to share some suggestions with you.

  • You are not your thoughts

Sometimes, our thoughts can make us feel negative emotions, and sometimes, our thoughts can feel like a reflection of us. Personally, I used to think I was my thoughts because I was producing the thoughts. However, the rumination can reflect a protective mechanism. Unfortunately, the thoughts become a stumbling block in moving forward in life. Therefore, it is important to differentiate yourself from your thoughts. You are not your thoughts.

  • You are worthy of love, peace, and happiness

Rumination can make an individual feel powerless and not worthy of a positive outcome. I have struggled with this for quite some time. I would feel as if other individuals were more deserving of happiness and the positive outcome, but not me. I would feel almost unworthy of restoring relationships and enabling reconciliation. Perhaps it stemmed from the opinions of other individuals, family, and society, but I realized that I needed to dig deep, real deep, and figure out the root of the thoughts of unworthiness. I realized that rumination relates to the stories I was told throughout my life. I realized that I needed to break free from this mindset and that I create my own reality, and that I must focus on my desires. However, it is important to understand that no matter what, no matter the conditions,  we are worthy of love, peace, and happiness.

  • Give Yourself Permission to Release the Rumination and Experience Happiness

After going through a series of rumination, I realized that I needed to give myself permission to release the rumination in order to experience happiness. I realized that I was safe and loved – that it was okay to let go and let love take over my heart. As a result, I am able to grow in love.


According to Peter Kinderman, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Liverpool, “Rumination tends to be eased if we learn to be mindful; if we are able to be aware of, and understand how our thoughts work.” Although letting go of rumination is still a work in progress for me, I plan to apply Kinderman’s suggestion into my mindfulness practice. Once again, we are not our thoughts, and it is important to be mindful of our thoughts, which allows us to release the rumination and cultivate happiness.

Thank you for reading this week’s post and allowing me to share soul shifting topics with you! I look forward to your thoughts.

In Euphoric Love and Gratitude,


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