Choose Love Daily Through Mindfulness



As we begin the week, it is crucial to think about ways to navigate throughout the week and make a positive difference in our communities. We have a choice – respond with anger (and other negative emotions) or respond with love. We have a choice to be divided or come together in unity and love. The ability to choose love daily can be achieved through mindfulness. It is the capacity to be aware and conscious of how we will react to everything each day, which will impact our lives in the long haul as well. As a result, the choice of love allows us to cultivate gratitude, embody self-love, and strengthen relationships with others – all through applying mindfulness.


“Mindfulness isn’t difficult. We just need to remember to do it.” – Sharon Salzberg

How to Choose Love Daily Through Mindfulness

If we want to choose love daily through mindfulness, a daily ritual can create a foundation of love and cultivate a day filled with awareness. Each person possesses different rituals in accordance with preference. However, the implementation of love through mindfulness will make a positive difference. Here are a few suggestions on how to choose love daily through mindfulness:


  • Mindful Speaking: In all conversations, it is important to be mindful of words. Depending on the interaction, the conversation could be challenging, and it could prompt a non-loving respond. However, if we take a few seconds to be mindful of our words, we can create a loving interaction. Personally, I’ve started to ask myself “If I say this to X person, would it hurt X person? If X person said my same words to me, would it hurt me?” This specific mindful action allows us to choose to speak with love.
  • Mindful Listening: One of the greatest ways to choose love is to listen, but mindfully. It is one thing to hear, but it is another thing to effectively listen to someone by letting the person speak and show interest in the conversation. Follow up questions establishes interest and it is a great way to mindfully listen even more. During our next interactions, let us make a conscious effort to listen to the person in our conversations.


So, as we glide into this amazing week, let us create a ritual that allows choosing love daily through mindfulness. How do you plan to choose love through mindfulness? Thank you for reading, and I look forward to your thoughts.

In Euphoric Gratitude and Love,


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