Expressing Gratitude And Creating Soul Goals For 2017


Happy New Year! As we begin our journey in 2017, it is important to release all negative emotions from 2016 and transition all goodness from 2016 into 2017. The expression of gratitude helps us reflect on all accomplishments, and even gratitude for the simplest things in life. As we cultivate gratitude, the universe will bring more goodness in our lives. So, how do we do it? How do we express gratitude?


How To Express Gratitude


One way to express gratitude is through meditation. The act of meditation allows us to connect with our inner self. It makes it possible to stay grounded and establish our purpose. Through meditation, we can close our eyes, concentrate on our breath, and begin to reflect on all goodness in our daily lives. As we meditate and reflect, it is very easy to feel the beautiful energy and divine love of the universe’s support throughout 2016. It is an amazing feeling to experience a shower of gratitude, which shows sincere appreciation.


Personally, my most recent meditation allowed me to appreciate the things that we tend to take for granted. Examples: the ability to see with eyes, the ability to smell fresh air during nature walks, the beauty of listening to the voice of my loved ones, the ability to hold a loved one’s hand, and so much more beautiful abilities. The experience of gratitude truly drove me to tears of happiness and inner peace, and I want to experience such a wonderful journey throughout 2017.


Express Gratitude For What You Have And The Universe Will Give You More


When we express gratitude, the universe will see the gratefulness and will give us even more, which allows us to express more gratitude. I am not saying that we should express gratitude to get more things in life, but it is important to show appreciation. The more you appreciate, the more you will receive. The more you receive, the more you would want to continue to work on your inner self and become the best you. It is quite simple, and gratitude is a very important goal for 2017. When a person shows gratitude and works on their inner self, their external world will reflect their internal self.


Soul Goals for 2017


I like to call inner self-goals “Soul Goals” because the inner journey is truly an experience to connect, enlighten, and awaken the soul. In 2017, I will continue to express gratitude in everything that I do, such as through meditation, blogging, and teaching (just a few examples). I will work on self-love, self-care, and self-worth. I really want to tap into compassion, unconditional love, and genuine forgiveness. I am super excited to become my best me.


I am excited for my readers as well! Well, you’ve read how I express gratitude and my soul goals for 2017. How do you plan to express gratitude this year? What are your soul goals for 2017? I look forward to reading your comments!


Euphoric Love and Gratitude,

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